We are on our feet. Always.


Popular assumption is that elephants sleep standing up.
Creative elephants, on the other hand, think, create, do and dream standing up.
We are always on our feet exploring, innovating and adapting.

A Dubai-based branding and digital agency, Elephant Nation is a group of young, inspired minds from all over the world. We love what we do and believe in doing it well. We share a passion for creating and launching brands. We design engaging user experiences to move our brands forward.

With a multi-platform thought process, our goal is to design meaningful visual and verbal conversations between the audience and the brand – online and offline.

We enjoy the frenzy of a design challenge. We love the buzz of social media strategies. We spend a good amount of our time researching for local insights that help us define consumer behavior and design relevant communications.

We keep it simple, real and current. We have a wild side, but that emerges only when we’re arguing about where should we get lunch.